Dr.Seuss’s timeline

1904-Theordor Geisel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

1922-1925-Theodor Geisel got his pen name,seuss.

1926- Theodor Geisel adds a Dr. to his pen name

1927-Dr.seuss got married

1927-Dr.seuss started to sell cartoons and magazines.

1937-Dr.seuss published his first book, and to think that I saw it on Mulberry street

1943-1946-serves in the army.

1946-Dr.seuss won an award for best documentary, Hitler Lives?

1950-Dr.Seuss published, I ran to the zoo.

1957-Dr.Seuss published, How the grich stole christmas and, The cat in the hat

1958-Dr.Seuss became president of begginer books

1960-Dr.Seuss published, One fish two fish red fish blue fish and, Green eggs and ham

1967-Dr. Seuss’s wife died.

1968-Dr.Seuss publishes, Hop on pop and, The eye book.

1971-Dr.Seuss wins a peabody award for his television specials.

Dr.Seuss wins the first outstanding author award presented by the california association

1981-Governors of serval states declare that Dr.Seuss’s 77th birthday is Dr.Seuss day

1984-Dr.Seuss wins a pulitzer prize

1991-Dr.Seuss dies September 24, at the age of 87


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